Business Description

Nuclear Power Generation

Starting with Japan's first nuclear power plant, Tokai Nuclear Power Plant in Tokai-village, Ibaraki Prefecture, operated by the Japan Atomic Power Company, we have constructed about 70% of the nuclear power plants in Japan. We are proactively working on the restart or decommissioning of each power plant using our experience in construction and maintenance.

Business Description

Construction work

We have received high ratings for the construction of environmentally friendly, clean energy nuclear power plants.

  • Site View under Construction

  • Nuclear Reactor Installation

  • Steam Generator Installation

Maintenance and Major Overhaul Works

We provide reliable services for maintenance and inspection work for a stable power supply.

  • Pump Seal Measurement

  • Reactor Pressure Vessel Head (BWR) Lifting

  • Pump Alignment

Decommissioning Work

We have participated in conducting measures for decommissioning nuclear power plants in long terms by utilizing our abundant experiences in construction and maintenance, our construction methods, technologies, and patented devices that we have developed.

  • Transporter (Jack down method)

  • Gas Circulator (Jack down method)

  • Jack down operating system