Business Description

Thermal Power Generation

As a leader in the power plant construction industry, we have participated in construction and maintenance of the majority of thermal and nuclear power plants in Japan. We continuously support stable supply of electricity with our advanced expertise.

Business Description

Construction work

We conduct our work with the motto "Work to be appreciated by our customers" by giving the highest priority to quality and safety.

  • Mechanical Works / Steam Drum Lifting

  • Electrical & Instrumentation Works / Cable Laying

  • Civil & Architectural Works / Building & Foundation Works

Operation and Maintenance

Our services can be expanded to plant operation, and we will support the plant life cycle of construction, operation, maintenance, and dismantling.

Maintenance and Major Overhaul Works

To support reliable operations of the plants, we will utilize our own technologies, own maintenance methods, and own patented devices for the maintenance works which are planned and executed based on our long experiences.

  • Turbine Rotor Clearance Check

  • Generator Rotor Inspection

  • Instrument Panel Calibration


We have many achievements in the dismantling of old power plants using our expertise in construction. (Dismantling by the jack down method)