Business Description


We offer a variety of products and equipment
for the plant life cycle

The Saitama Factory, since its establishment in December 1976, has supported scenes of the plant life cycle as a fabrication base for various plant construction projects. The factory works as fabrication shop, maintenance shop, welding center for training of our welders and employees, and for qualification test of welders and obtaining approvals on welding procedures.

The new factory, Factory No.3, has started its operation in June 2017 as a renovated high-efficiency fabrication base. Through our total quality management for design, fabrication and testing, the factory is to make highly reliable production which satisfies the demands of various plants, with keeping our slogan in mind: "Work to be appreciated by our clients".

Integrated high-quality,
high-efficiency piping fabrication system

Fully utilizing our experiences in piping pre-fabrication works for various plants, the new No.3 factory provides assembling, welding, blasting, and painting services in a continuous process.  In addition, the introduction of new equipment to the factory has greatly strengthened the manufacturing capability and realized safety and high productivity.

Work flow of piping pre-fabrication

  • (1) Material receiving and temporary storage
    (1) Material receiving and temporary storage
  • (2) Cutting and beveling
    (2) Cutting and beveling
  • (3) Alignment
    (3) Alignment
  • (4) Welding
    (4) Welding
  • (5) Inspection
    (5) Inspection
  • (6) Blasting
    (6) Blasting
  • (7) Painting
    (7) Painting
  • (8) Loading on trailers and ship out
    (8) Loading on trailers and ship out

Other works


The Saitama Factory equipped with latest welding and inspection equipment, conducts research and development of the welding technology, and carries out qualification test for welders and welding procedures, including trainings for our employees.

  • Automatic welding machine
    Automatic welding machine
  • Phased array ultrasonic inspection
    Phased array ultrasonic inspection
  • Universal testing machine
    Universal testing machine

Plate manufacturing

We produce pipe supports, steel frame corridors, ducts, and other steel structures mainly at Factory No.1. In careful consideration of the specifications and delivery date requested by the customer, we plan, design, manufacture, and deliver goods so as to contribute to the smooth progress of the construction field.

  • Duct for ACC
    Duct for ACC
  • Strand winding device
    Strand winding device
  • Mock-up experimental test on for tank automatic welding
    Mock-up experimental test on for tank automatic welding

Panel factory

Utilizing the electric instrumentation technology accumulated in undertaking the construction work for power plants, we manufacture a variety of products such as cooling parts in electronic device testers, control panels, and pipe tubing.

  • Device manufacturing
  • Panel manufacturing
  • Stanchion manufacturing

Training facility for succession of technology

The Saitama Factory also plays an important role as the base for research and development, demonstration testing, and education site for welding technology. We can provide practical training with the latest factory equipment and facilities.

Our technology developed to satisfy field needs

We design and manufacture various devices with our technology developed to satisfy field needs that include the followings: Taihei jack systems using high-strength strands and exhibiting the best capability in the industry; lifting type in-furnace scaffolds that have eliminated height work from coal boiler inspection and achieved safety and shortening of the construction period; improved jack-stage co-use methods that have further shortened the construction period; Taihei T15A jacks and lifting jacks that have made this kind of work possible; and switch frames that have eliminated the need for a large crane through integration of lifting and transferring work in a narrow construction field. In addition, we have a number of devices, including measurement instruments and monitoring systems, which we have developed from the view of plant construction company.

At Saitama Factory and Kuki Maintenance Shop, we contribute to the smooth working process of on-site construction, by controlling mobilization and conducting demonstration tests for continuous improvement and development of the above mentioned devices.

Showroom for exhibiting in-house developed
products (in the Saitama Factory)

In our Saitama Factory, a showroom for exhibiting in-house developed products was provided so that we could show you the succession of technology cultivated by us as our strength when introducing our customers to state-of-the-art facilities and production processes.
In the showroom, the Clinker Removal Method, Taihei Jack System Operating Model, T15A Jack System, Three-Wire Stray Current Preventing System, Coupling Removal Method, and Phased Array Flaw Detection System are exhibited, and their operation methods and achievements are introduced.

  • Clinker Removing Method
  • Taihei Jack System Operating Model
  • T15A Jack System

View of the showroom

Overview of Saitama Factory

Main manufacturing items
Prefabricated piping subject to Electricity Business Act
Prefabricated piping subject to Gas Business Act
Standard prefabricated piping
Tanks / ducts / supports / steel towers / steel structure, etc.
Class 1 and Class 2 pressure vessel
Cranes (gantry crane / overhead crane)
Various distribution panels / power panels
Manufacturing of various construction devices developed by ourselves.
Approximate production capacity
・Monthly production of prefabricated piping in compliance with the Electricity Business Act : 4,000 DB/Month
・Monthly production of prefabricated piping in compliance with the Gas Business Act : 4,000 DB/Month
・Monthly production of standard prefabricated piping : 15,000 DB to 18,000 DB/Month
Monthly production of production plate: 20 tons/Month
List of approvals and licenses etc.
・Class 1 pressure vessel manufacturing factory licensed by the Ministry of Labour of Japan
・ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) certified
 factory (Certified codes "U", "S", "PP", "A")
・ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) certified
No. Name of Factory Building Area (㎡) Main role
(1) Factory No.1 1,943 Plate manufacturing / piping
(2) Factory No.2 1,008 Maintenance and storage of construction devices
(3) Factory No.3 3,184 Prefabricated piping
(4) Panel factory 432 Panel manufacturing
(5) Paint factory 568 Paint / blast
(6) Office building 732

3rd floor: office, etc.
2nd floor: meeting room, etc.
1st floor: welding training facilities, etc.
(7) Jack experimental building 36 Jack testing
(8) Dangerous article warehouse 51 Storage of dangerous articles
(9) Product storage yard
(20 t/yard)
1,734 Product storage yard / shipment

Manufacturing and Supplying
Highly Reliable Industrial Products Based on
Rigorous Quality Control

Although "Taihei Alltech Construction(Phil.),Inc.", a joint venture between Taihei Dengyo and Alltech Corporation of the Philippines, had already built up considerable experience in the installation of thermal power stations and chemical plants petrochemical plants, the company constructed its Santa Rosa Plant in September 1990 in Santa Rosa in the Laguna province of the Philippines to expand and strengthen the functions associated with plant installation work.

The Santa Rosa Plant is involved in the manufacture of steel-frame structures for various plants, sheetmetal work such as absorption towers, tanks and ducts, pipework prefabrication, and the fabrication of cable trays and cable ducts for use in the Philippines and elsewhere.
To improve the capabilities of engineers and skills of technicians, the plant sends several tens of trainees to Japan each year where they can improve their skills at Taihei Dengyo's Saitama Plant. Under the tutelage of Japanese supervisors, the trainees learn how to produce high quality products and earn the high regard of their customers through rigorous quality control and systems for ensuring that projects are delivered on time.

  • Working place
  • Fabrication of cable tray

Main Activities

Santa Rosa Plant is set up to undertake a full range of work from the preparation of working drawings and full-scale plans through to marking, cutting, assembly, welding, finishing, surface preparation, painting, packaging, and dispatch.
In each process, work is carried out under the supervision of highly experienced veteran engineers from Japan to ensure the delivery of high quality products. This includes, in the welding process for example, taking extreme care with inspections under the instructions of Japanese engineers with welding qualifications (CWI) from the American Welding Society (AWS), along with increasing automation and rationalization of welding work.

Plant Profile

LocationDita, Santa Rosa, Laguna Province, Philippines
Site area89,937㎡
Building area5,001㎡
Layout room312㎡
Pipe factory1,470㎡
Sheetmetal factory1,470㎡
Ware house and waiting room270㎡
Electrical room18㎡
Cable tray factory814㎡
Maintenance factory245㎡
ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) certified factory "U, S, PP, A, R"
ISO9001 (quality management system) certified
ISO14001 (environment management system) certified
Approximate production capacity
Piping : 150 to 250 tons/month
Ducts, tanks, steel-frame structures : 300 to 400 tons/month
Linear sections of tray : 50 to 60 tons/month