Business Description

Operation and Maintenance Services (O&M)

Regular maintenance and daily maintenance services

We offer to establish maintenance plan for regular maintenance as per the regulations and to perform the work by our personnel having abundant work experiences. We also offer to perform regular maintenance and daily maintenance together to reduce chances of unexpected failure of plant equipment by closely monitoring operation conditions and conducting trend/deterioration analysis.

  • Visual inspection for control panels

  • Vibration check for pumps

  • Inspection for instrumentations

Plant operation and maintenance services

We also offer to provide plant operation services in addition to providing regular maintenance and daily maintenance services. By sharing information of plant operation between operation and maintenance organizations, we contribute to stable power generating operation and reduction of the maintenance cost.

Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA)

We also offer to provide long time maintenance services as per respective LTSA contracts. With 70 years of experiences and achievements in power plant construction and maintenance works, we will strongly support every aspects of the life cycle of the power plants, including operation and regular/daily maintenance.