Corporate Information

Message from the President

Taihei Dengyo Kaisha, Ltd. (TDK), since its establishment in 1947, has recognized the significance and mission of the plant construction business. With active and progressive business spirit, TDK has continuously worked on construction and maintenance of various power and industrial plants, such as thermal power plants, nuclear plants, environmental and other industrial facilities in Japan and foreign countries.

Recently, the business environments around the companies have changed drastically, and it has brought a significant turning point of energy policy in Japan. TDK endeavor to improve quality and safety of work and to contribute to prosperity of industrial society by fully utilizing its abundant experiences and technologies developed to date, and make the best effort for the development of the company businesses.
TDK will strive to raise its corporate value, by improving our technologies and skills, and establish organizations respondable to the changes in business environment in order to meet customer's trust and demand of the society.

We sincerely would like to ask for your continuous support and corporation with our company.

Representative Director, President and Chief Executive OfficerJo Nojiri