Corporate Information

Corporate Profile

Head Office 2-4, Kanda Jimbo-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8416, Japan.MAP
Established March 25,1947
Stock Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange-Section1
Capital ¥4,000,800,000-
List of Directors

Representative Director,
President and
Chief Executive Officer
Jo Nojiri
DirectorYutaka Aoki
DirectorShoichi Sekine
DirectorToshimune Kimoto
DirectorYasushi Takeshita
DirectorToru Tsurunaga
DirectorShinya Kusaka
Outside DirectorYoshihisa Minakuchi
Outside DirectorAkira Yuba

■Auditors, Members of the Board
Corporate AuditorTsutomu Mitsutomi
Corporate AuditorHiromi Ogasawara
Outside Corporate AuditorYukinori Iijima
Outside Corporate AuditorIchiro Wada

■Executive Officer
Chief Executive OfficerJo Nojiri
Senior Managing Executive OfficerYutaka Aoki
Managing Executive OfficerShoichi Sekine
Managing Executive OfficerToshimune Kimoto
Managing Executive OfficerYasushi Takeshita
Senior Executive OfficerToru Tsurunaga
Senior Executive OfficerShinya Kusaka
Executive OfficersYuji Shinya
Executive OfficersHiroharu Takeda
Executive OfficersTomonori Masuda
Executive OfficersTakahisa Ikebe
Executive OfficersKatsuhiko Oozeki
Executive OfficersKatsunori Yamauchi
Executive OfficersHiroaki Itou
Executive OfficersTokio Katayanagi
Executive OfficersKazutada Sugihara
Executive OfficersHideaki Takahashi
Executive OfficersTadashi Obata
Executive OfficersHiroki Chikaarashi
Executive OfficersRyoji Makita
Executive OfficersShingo Okamoto

Number of Employees 1,562 (as of March 31, 2017)
Main Affiliates 500 with workforce of 5,000
Main Business Lines ■Power Plants
Construction and maintenance of Thermal, Nuclear, Gas-turbine, Diesel engine, Geothermal, Combined Cycle and Wind Power Plants

■Industrial Plants
Construction and maintenance including design and production of Steel mill, Petrochemical, Sugar refining, Cement and other industrial plants

■Environmental Facilities
Construction and maintenance of Refuse incineration, Dioxin treatment, Sludge treatment and Waste Recycling plants

■Electrical & Instrumentation
Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of various electrical system, sub-station, control system, optical fiber communication system, instrumentation and building electrical facilities

■Civil & Architectural
Design and construction of various kinds of industrial plants, including heat ventilation & air conditioning system, and utility sanitary system, etc.

Design, procurement and fabrication of machined products, tanks, piping, Class-2 pressure vessels, electrical & control panels, etc.
Licenses ■Authorized Architect Grade-1
(License No.20903, registered at Tokyo metropolitan Government on April 30, 2011)

■Licenses granted by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Government of Japan (TOKU-27) No.3967 for
・Civil construction
・General construction
・Rigging work
・Electrical system installation
・Piping installation
・Steel structure installation
・Paint application work
・Machinery & Instrument installation
・Water works installation

■Licenses granted by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Government of Japan (TOKU-28) No.3967 for
・Demolition work

■Licenses granted by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Government of Japan (TOKU-27) No.3967 for
・Thermal insulation work
・Firefighting system installation
Qualification Certificates ■ISO9001 approval to the Company's quality management system
■ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
-S: Manufacture and Assembly of Power Boilers [S-2]
-A: Assembly of Power Boilers [A-2]
-PP: Fabrication and Assembly of Power Boilers [PP-2]
-U: Manufacture of Pressure Vessels [U-4]

Organization Chart