Conditions for Using this Site


These conditions apply to the web site (referred to henceforth as "this web site" ) published and operated by Taihei Dengyo Kaisha Ltd. and its representatives (referred to henceforth as "Taihei Dengyo"). Please read and agree to these conditions of use before using this web site. (Accordingly, use of this web site is deemed to constitute agreement with these conditions of use.)
Taihei Dengyo may change these conditions of use as required without notice. Please check the latest conditions of use whenever you use this web site.

1.Trademark and copyright
The trademarks, logos, and service marks used on this web site are the property of Taihei Dengyo. Customers are not granted the right to use these trademarks and similar. Accordingly, the trademarks and similar that appear on this web site may not be reproduced or put to any other use without authorization from Taihei Dengyo, regardless of the media or methods used.
Unless otherwise indicated in this web site, copyright to all information that appears on this web site remains the property of Taihei Dengyo. This is protected by the copyright laws, treaties, and other laws of each country. Any use of this information (including copying, alteration or distribution) over and above private use by individuals or other uses permitted by copyright law is prohibited unless permission in writing is obtained from Taihei Dengyo in advance.
  1. Taihei Dengyo and its associated companies make no warranty of any kind whatsoever, expressed or implied, with respect to this web site, including but not limited to the accuracy, reliability, completeness, timeliness, fitness for particular purpose or non-infringement of third party's right and/or safety of its contents.
  2. Taihei Dengyo may change the information posted on this web site without notice, and may suspend or discontinue operation of this web site. Taihei Dengyo shall not be liable for any damage incurred by such change of information, suspension or discontinuation.
  3. Information for shareholders and investors posted on this web site is intended to provide financial and other business information about Taihei Dengyo Kaisha Ltd. and its associated companies, but no warranty of any kind shall be made by Taihei Dengyo in relation with such information.
  1. The content of third party web sites external to Taihei Dengyo that link to this web site or to which this web site has links (referred to henceforth as "link sites") is managed by their respective site managers and is not controlled by Taihei Dengyo. Similarly, there is no special collaborative or other relationship implied between Taihei Dengyo and these link sites. Please use link sites in accordance with the user conditions posted on the respective sites. Taihei Dengyo accepts no liability for the content of link sites nor for any losses incurred as a result of their use.
  2. Provided there is agreement to abide by these conditions of use and the "Conditions for links" stated below, no advance permission is required to link to this web site from an external web site, whether a business concern or an individual.
    1. Links that violate the rights of Taihei Dengyo or hinder the business of Taihei Dengyo are not permitted.
    2. Links from web sites that contain any of the following content, mail that contains such content, or similar are not permitted.
       Content that may be offensive to public order and morals, illegal content, adult content
       Content that is libelous of Taihei Dengyo or its associated companies
    3. Taihei Dengyo accepts no liability for any losses incurred as a result of links to this web site.
    4. No commitment is made to maintaining the URL and content of this web site permanently and they are subject to change without notice, without consideration for links.
    5. Links to this web site do not constitute any contractual arrangement with Taihei Dengyo.
    6. Taihei Dengyo also retains the right to refuse any links that it discovers or judges to be inappropriate.
4.Handling of personal information on this web site
  1. Security when receiving personal information
    When Taihei Dengyo obtains personal information from users through this web site, the entered information will be protected by encrypting information appropriately through the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or similar.
    Note that some users may not be able to access the associated page in cases such as when using a browser that does not support these security measures or if the firewall or similar settings on the user's network do not permit access.
  2. Collection of browsing history
    This web site may use techniques such as the collection of access logs for reasons that may include helping to make the web site easier to use or collecting user browsing history. Collection and analysis of this information will only be used for purposes such as improving the ease-of-use of the web site, to determine the usage of the web site, or to plan and improve services, and will not be used for any other purpose.
    Although access logs record information such as the user's IP address and usage environment, unless the user enters personal information, this information cannot be used to identify them.
The following activities are prohibited when using this web site.
  1. Activities that may adversely affect, or that risk adversely affecting, the property, privacy or similar of third parties or of Taihei Dengyo.
  2. Activities that may result in, or that risk resulting in, losses, loss of profit or similar by third parties or of Taihei Dengyo.
  3. Activities that are, or that risk being, offensive to public order and morals.
  4. Criminal activity, activities that are associated with criminal activity, or activities that risk being associated with criminal activity.
  5. Activities that involve making false statements or supplying false information such as using other person's e-mail address.
  6. Commercial activities, activities for commercial gain, or activities that are intended to prepare for such activities.
  7. Activities that damage the reputation of or trust in third parties or Taihei Dengyo.
  8. Activities that use or supply, or that risk using or supplying, malicious programs such as computer viruses.
  9. Any other activities that contravene, or that risk contravening, laws, regulations or ordinances.
  10. Any other activities deemed inappropriate by Taihei Dengyo.
6.Trademarks of other companies
Adobe and the Adobe logo are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.
Microsoft and Windows Media are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the US and other countries.
Any other company or product names that appear are trade names, trademarks, or registered trademarks of their respective companies. If any trademark information is contained in specific content, or is linked to such content, that trademark information has precedence.
If any trademark information is contained in specific content, or is linked to such content, that trademark information has precedence.
7.Governing law and court of jurisdiction
Unless otherwise stated, any matters arising from use of this web site or from the conditions of use are governed by the laws of Japan.
Similarly, unless otherwise stated, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute relating to use of this web site.